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Begin Your Merchant Account and Processing Gateway Application Here!

    The process of getting a merchant account can often be daunting and disheartening experience taking from a couple of days, to even weeks to finalize your paperwork and get that new merchant account. It doesn't have to be though, and we handle the entire process for you, just follow these 2 simple steps;

  • Submit the short form below and the information will be sent to an area account representative to begin the application process. You will also receive a confirmation from eAccounts Inc. with an application keycode, you should save this by printing the email, or writing the keycode down.

  • The eAccounts Inc. account representative assigned to you, will classify your application based on the initial information gathered from this form. They will then give you a call and/or send you an email to discuss options and formalize the merchant application. Your representative will support you through this process.

  • At the end of this short application process, you will be ready to process your first credit card with a login for eAccounts Inc. gateway system which includes a virtual terminal, realtime transaction and management APIs, concise anti-fraud system, and a slew of other value added features, at no additional cost. See the Service Pricing section to see how billing is managed, then come back here when you're ready for your new merchant account!

First, a little about You (a principal or owner)

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Now, a little about the business

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For security reasons and to ensure that this is a legitamite registration, please copy what you read in the image to the right of the input field below, into the input field itself. The image contains only capital letters with no numbers.

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