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About Our Advanced Risk Management and Fraud Prevention

As a merchant, one of the biggest problems you will be faced with is credit card fraud, especially when handling sales online or via phone (referred to as MOTO transactions). Failure to effectively manage fraud will lead to card association fines from VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover, and can even lead to loss of your merchant account itself. If you lose your merchant account due to credit card or other types of fraud, it is very possible that you will be black listed permanently from ever obtaining another merchant account.

Our comprehensive risk management and fraud prevention system automatically evaluates over 11 matrixes in realtime, for every transaction, and it does so at lightning speed and with laser accuracy.

    Some of the anti-fraud risk management features include
  • Duplicate transaction filteration
  • Past consumer purchase and dispute history
  • Name and card aliasing, account holder spoofing
  • Sequential declines from an IP or account holder
  • Geographical position of card holder relative to billing address
  • Account BIN card holder quality
  • ...more

By default, we eliminate >95% of fraud attempts so you aren't dealing with the man power and cost burdens of someone abusing your system or merchant account. Our risk management administration has various configurable criteria so that you may tune the algorithms to suite your own company's fraud prevention needs and what's more, we provide this and many other services, free of charge.

No surprise fees on your statements, no nickel and diming you for your hard earned dollars. Our pricing is straight forward, and less expensive then anyone else in the industry. See our Service Pricing for full disclosure.

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