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We arguably have one of the most concise and reliable systems in the industry, and some of the lowest fees at the same time. Our powerful transaction backend allows full administration from the first authorization to the final settlement. You can manage subscriptions, recurring and realtime transactions from a user friendly and easy to use administration panel.

  • Don't need a merchant account, just want a powerful gateway to help you run your business? We can do that, our system is compatible with most acquiring banks so if you're tired of the other limited or just plain sketchy gateways, we can move you to our more powerful system, and probably save you some money at the same time.
  • Have multiple merchant accounts and want to centrally manage them, even load balance them? We can do that as well, our system has the flexibility of mapping multiple merchant accounts to your eAccounts gateway. You can easily manage all your purchases and transactions in one place.
  • Need a simple implementation API? It's extremely easy to integrate your website with our gateway. Our system uses a simple request/response approach, with detailed result messages. The API information is 2 pages (yes, it's that simple) with examples, and is available through the administration panel.
  • Need a better way to fight chargebacks? We've got that covered with concise reporting, reviewing and download tools, you can retrieve and maintain records in various formats of your choice.
  • Fraud prevention an issue? Our anti-fraud system consists more than 11 algorithms that assign a manageable risk value to each transaction, and very accurately determine if a transaction is potentially fraudulent. If your account is closed by your acquiring bank because of fraud, you may be match listed and never be able to get another merchant account again. We provide this service, 100% free.
  • Tired of waiting 15 seconds for a transaction to process? We have that covered as well. Our servers go through a continuous replacement cycle, and run in a redundant environment throughout. No server is ever older than a couple years at any given time, ensuring our performance continues to grow with demand.
  • Worried about PCI compliancy and managing your customers personal information and your own network security? Use our realtime subscriber login system and no longer have to maintain the user records that subject you to PCI compliancy requirements. That's right, no PCI requirement!
  • Our system will grant your business and accounting greater flexibility, granular manageability and reliability unmatched. After you finish reviewing the Service Pricing, sneak a peek at what our Administration Panel looks like!

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