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Our Merchant Account and Transaction Gateway Fees
As an example; if you run 500 sales one month, with 20 refunds, that equals 520 transactions. 520 x .06 = $31.20 + $5 monthly gateway fee. Your account would be billed for $36.20 that month by eAccounts Inc. You get access to every feature and every tool we offer with no additional charges.

Gateway Setup Fee     FREE
Monthly Gateway Fee     $5.00 monthly
Gateway Fee     $0.06 per transaction
Easily Implemented Realtime API     FREE
Powerful Virtual Terminal     FREE
Automated Recurring and Installment Billing     FREE
Advanced Risk Management and Detection     FREE
Customer Service and Support     FREE

Other Underwriter / Acquirer Merchant Fees*
*Note, the fees represented here are best case and charged by your bank or the Card Association, not us. These fees will be determined by your business type, volume, credit, and are determined by the acquiring bank whom underwrites the account. Other fees may apply. Fill out our Registration Form and let our representatives find you the best deal possible!

Account Setup Fee     FREE
Monthly Account Maintenance Fee     $20.00 monthly
Processing Fee     $0.26 per transaction
Transaction Discount Rate     1.6%

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